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Located in a small home studio, LANTING is a professional collective focusing in digital 2D/STOP-MOTION ANIMATION, ILLUSTRATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN, CREATIVE CONSULTING, and AUDIO PRODUCTION. We have 10 years experience in creating content across media platforms from ideas, scripts, artworks, to short films, commercials, PSAs, audio production, and printed materials. We are also open for workshops on traditional/stop-motion/digital animation, flipbooks, and creative activities on various events. 






Arunaya Gondhowiardjo

Quirky, dynamic and spontaneous. That's what you'll get from her animation and illustration works. Also we thought maybe fishes are her spirit animals.

Zaenal Abidin

A zen among us. A painter, a musician, a coffee lover, a multi-talented artist. No love for ice cream though.

Firman Widyasmara

Founded Lanting since 2007 after years of transformations. From being a bank analyst, an illustrator, a musician, and a socio-political student.


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Jalan Tirta 2 No. 4 Rt. 009/013 Duren Sawit, Jakarta - Indonesia 13440

Tel: +62-811-955596

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