Leleng, a tree mother with the head of twigs, is not willing to be separated from one of her living seed-babies whose ready to be harvested by the old man Surda, a farmer who guards all the seeds in becoming the future tree mothers to make the burnt forest green again.

Artistict approach

Leleng will be produced using the stop-motion puppet animation technique. Stop-motion is a technique that shoots frame-by-frame images of an object which had been moved little by little. The images will be accumulated in the software and played together as a moving image.

The material of the puppet is soft wood that our artist manually hand-carved. Other recycled and repurposed material will also be used for props.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Musical.

Rating: Adult

Durasi: 7-8 minutes (approximately)


Zaenal Abidin


Firman Widyasmara

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