Wana, a mysterious little girl with a gas mask and her animal friends guard their precious forest from all threats in their own otherworldly magical ways.


Arunaya Gondhowiardjo


Firman Widyasmara

Artistic Approach

The project will be done entirely in traditional hand-drawn 2D style animation paired with beautifully detailed paintings as backgrounds.


Set in a bleak, monochromatic forest under the heavy smog with the aim to paint a picture of desolation and destructive nature of deforestation, with the only vibrant colour in the film would be the red of Wana’s skirt uniform. Not only the red colour strengthen her identity as a regular schoolgirl in the midst of a situation she can’t control, but also in her desperation to fight, as the red in Indonesia’s flag symbolises the courage and the blood of the fighters in our war for independence.


The animals will be animated in the style that emulates that they’re not really solid, how their forms would waver and fall apart as they move. This is done to show that rather than living animals, they’re actually spirits of the forest.


CG mist and fog would be animated using the help of special effect software to simulates the suffocating smog that engulfs the land.

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