Arunaya Gondhowiardjo


Firman Widyasmara


After dramatic life-changing experience of being rescued, young orangutans have to return to their home in the forest. 


Most orangutans cross path with humans in negative ways: taken from their forest-home, beaten, shot, and irresponsibly cared for. There are handful of people who dedicate their lives into saving and rehabilitating these creatures.

As the only member of non-human great ape in Asia, orangutans are endemic only to Malaysia and Indonesia. Sadly, due to the loss of habitat from mining, illegal logging, and agricultural land-clearing, and the rise of poaching from illegal pet industry, they are currently critically endangered.

Their existence is vital to the life of forests and their biodiversity. They spread the seeds of the fruits that they eat. They are responsible of the growth of the forest, and by eating the quick-growing shrubbery that would otherwise hinder the growth of trees.

Very often, they would be shot as a pest and their youngs would be taken and kept as pets. With insufficient space and nourishment, these young orangutans’ lives are in great dangers.

When they are rescued, they’d be taken into a rehabilitation centre where they would be cared and educated until they are ready to be released back to the wild.

This film is looking into amazing personal stories from the wonderful caretakers who are actively involved in the caring of the rescued young orangutans, and peeking into their emotional bonds between them and the result of those efforts and loving care to their possibility to be returned back home. It also looks at the impact left on the lives of the caretakers from their involvement with these creatures.

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