Rumah Beribu Bintang

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Arunaya Gondhowiardjo


Firman Widyasmara


A philosophical journey of a young orangutan recovering from the lost of his mother and home.


RUMAH BERIBU BINTANG is a short animated documentary film based on the story of a young orangutan called HIMBA and his turbulent life of losing his home to the forest fire and his onwards recovery. It’s also a short philosophical contemplation of humanity and being alive.


Post production.

Director statement

RBB started out from a split second thought of looking at a photo of a baby orangutan and admiring in an instant on their similarity to our own human babies.  It was a journey of learning of what are these creatures and how they’re living and unfortunately also their perils. Orangutans are ‘men of the forests’ and their livelihood are connected to that. And of course the devastation of the forests endangers their existense in this world. From that research, I found it hurts to see these babies being suffers like this.


This project was made with that desire to share the beauty and story of this wonderful creatures. 


During the production of this film, I found an old script of philosophical writings written by my great grandfather, and I was delightfully surprised, as someone who never had a chance to meet him, to find his look in life was very similar to myself, and it describes perfectly on the message I’m trying to convey with this film. 


I’d like to convey the thoughts of not taking everything for what it seems, but thinking about what it means in the long run, and to understand we humans are not the only thing living in this planet. What we’re doing to the orangutan’s own home, though it will be profittable for us humans in the near future, but not so much for them nor to our future generation.


I hope you’d enjoy this film.

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